CAC Show Championship


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The American Dobermann Association preserves the Dobermann breed as protection, family companion, and working dog, according to FCI Standard

Send entry & payment to: ADA - Po Box 2231 - Snohomish, WA 98291 -USA.
Please make money order or cashier's check in US funds, payable to ADA.
Entry Fee: US$ 50 youth classes - US$ 70 adult classes.

Dog's Name Female Male

Registration Nr. WT / DOB Tattoo Nr. Color

Titles Breed Surveyed / ZTP

Sire Reg. Nr. Titles

Dam Reg. Nr. Titles

Zuchter / Breeder Country

Eigentumer / Owner ADA Member Nr.

Phone Email
Baby (3-6 months) Open (after 15 months)
Juniores (6-9 months) Working (with recognized title)
Youth (9-12 months) Champion (with recognized title)
Young (12-18 months) Veteran (after 7 years)
Zuchtgruppen / Breed group Couple with

Owner/Handler Statement: I agree to waive all claims against participants, ADA, its officers and members, the show grounds' owner, and any official for any accident or loss, which may occur on the show grounds before, during, or after this event. I am fully liable for any damage caused by my dog. All entries made in this application are true and correct.

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