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The Dobermann is of medium size, strong and muscularly built. Through the elegant lines of its body, its proud stature, and its expression of determination, it conforms to the ideal picture of a dog.

The Dobermann is the only German breed which bears the name of its original breeder, Friedrich Louis Dobermann (02.01.1834 - 09.06.1894).
He was believed to be a tax collector, offal abattoir manager (knacker) and a part time dog catcher, legally able to catch all stray dogs. He bred with animals from this reservoir that were particularly sharp. The so called "butcher's dogs" which were already considered a relatively pure breed at that time, played a most important role in the origination of the Dobermann breed. These dogs were an early type of Rottweiler, mixed with a type of shepherd which existed in "Thüringen" as a black dog with rust red markings. Herr Dobermann bred with this mixture of dogs in the Eighteen Seventies. Thus he obtained "his breed" : not only alert, but highly protective working and housedogs. They were often used as guard and police dogs. Their extensive use in police work led to the nickname "Gendarme dog". They were used in hunting to control large vermin. In these circumstances it was a matter of course that the Dobermann was recognized officially as a Police Dog by the beginning of the century.

The Dobermann breed requires a medium sized, powerful, muscular dog. Despite his substance he shall be elegant and noble, which will be evident in his body line. He must be exceptionally suitable as protection, family companion, and working dog.

To preserve and promote these talents of the Breed, during the years have raised worldwide several national associations that work together to build the International Dobermann Club (IDC).

IDC organizes two major annual conventions, which take place in different countries every year.

The first convention reaches its height with the IDC Weltmeistershaft, national team competition that awards the title of IDC Working World Champion in the IPO 3 class, using the international rules of FCI.

The second convention is usually at the end of the summer, and gathers delegations of each member country to collaborate in preserving and promoting the Dobermann Breed in the world. This international meeting has its height in its weekend show, which awards the IDC World Champion Title.

During the 2002 IDC show, there were 774 Dobermann entries in catalog from all over the world. The American Dobermann Association has already been invited to the 2003 convention, which will take place in September at Bratislava in Slovakia - Europe.

ADA is one of the national associations that protect the uniqueness of the Dobermann breed, according to the rules of the breed's country of origin, in order that the quality of the Dobermann in North America may be always recognized.