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This document, which will be probably called the "Magna Carta of Seattle", contains the foundation for the future activity of the American Dobermann Association.

From several years there has been the need to develop something new that unites the North Americans Dobermann fans to the rest of the international Dobermann community. It is necessary that our activity of breeding and sport performance be acknowledged worldwide, not only by bureaucratic recognition, but also by respect on the competition field. In order that all the Dobermann friends in North American may participate to shows and trials recognized by the international community (FCI), we invite to our events judges and experts from the major worldwide authorities (DV & FCI) in the Dobermann breed. This collaboration will allow us to remain in contact with the country of origin of the breed (Germany) and the bloodlines that have been the foundation of the Dobermann, as utility dog. Also, this will broaden our competence and knowledge for the development of the breed in our country.

The support and hard work of several members of our Dobermann community in the US, together to our good relationship with several leaders of the Dobermann Verein in Germany, has allowed this collaboration that with time will surely be fruitful. Our association doesn't want to define all the activities for the selection of the Dobermann breed, but will show the "main street", which considers right to improve and preserve the quality of our dogs according to the FCI standard and the social and historic context in which the Dobermann lives. This will allow us to come close to the "ideal dobermann." It is due to breeders and owners to integrate with personal intuition the work proposed by the association. Open to any suggestion to improve our breed in the United States, ADA will work together with whoever wants to build the Dobermann as utility dog.

As American Dobermann community, it is essential to learn from the experience and proposal of others to develop the full potentiality of our country. Our Dobermann community in US needs to become active member of the International Dobermann Club.

For the correct application of the standard, essential is a "Technical Program for Quality." Our association's tools to develop this program are the (1) Breeding Regulation and (2) Trial Regulation.

Included in the Breeding Regulation is the FCI Standard. Using this document we will be able to remain faithful to the original spirit of the breed as protection, family companion, and working dog.

The first step is to regulate a national tattoos' code. Who is interested can request official code through the Tattooer application. Also, the official DV Hips certification will be available. This opportunity for official certification when the Dobermann is only 12 months old saves time in the breeding program, and it is an important tool for the future selection of the breed. Another vital point in the breeding regulation is without doubt the application to the official German ZTP. This is surely one of the best exams to certify the quality of the breeding. The ZTP, which includes both a structural-morphologic section and a temperament test, holds what is necessary for selecting a functional Dobermann, useful for protection, family companion, and working ability. This test is a requirement for various champion titles offered by ADA.

Another important appointment for the breeding selection will be our annual "Sieger Show Championship." This event is scheduled yearly usually the second weekend in August.

The "Sieger show" is planned as a special breed conformation show with an additional ADA champion class for all the Dobermann holding a ZTP and SchH1. The morning before the beginning of judgments we will have a protection test with 2 bite work. One of the two is the courage test. The dogs that pass this test will be admitted to the conformation judgment in the additional ADA champion class. In this class, the judge can give more champion titles, both for males and females. At the first place male and female will be awarded the "Sieger" and "Siegerin" title. This formula is similar to what SV in Germany and AIAD in Italy have used in the years. Introducing this system we look forward to improve the international reputation of our Dobermann breeding in the US.

Exciting is our "Breeders Award Program", which will reward the most representative breeder of the year, according to a score system, which is explained in the breeding regulation section.

Very important also are the titles of "American Champion" and "Universal Champion."

The American Champion title will be awarded to the Dobermann that will have 3 CAC certificates with one year one day of distance between the first and third CAC. For the homologation of the championship title the Dobermann the minimum requirement is a BH. The CAC can be won in open class, working class, and champion class, according to the judge's discretion.

The Universal Champion Title will be given to the Dobermann that competes in the "Sieger Show" and the "American Dobermann Winner Cup" national Meistershaft in SchH3 class, and obtains the best results in the two competitions.

To complete this Breeding Regulation, one of the most prestigious awards is the "Reproduction Champion Title." This award recognizes the reproduction quality of our male and female Dobermann, and is given according to the following guidelines:

  • The reproduction champion needs to have 6 offspring from 3 different litters with excellent judgment at the CAC Special Zuchtshau or Sieger Show
  • Or 2 Working Champion (ADA) offspring from two different litters
  • Or 2 American Champion (ADA) offspring from two different litters
  • Or 1 Working Champion and 1 American Champion (ADA) from two different litters
    (We define a different litter when one of the parents is different from previous litter)

To give the opportunity to compete internationally at the IDC Weltmeistershaft in Europe, we will select every year the "American Team." The "American Team" will be chosen from the best Dobermann competing in SchH3 or IPO3 available in US. Particular attention will be given to the participants at the "American Dobermann Winner Cup" National Meistershaft.

The second instrument for the application of our technical program of quality is the "Trial Regulation." This will be based on the performance of our Dobermann in tracking, obedience, and protection, according to the Schutzhund sport rules. With this program we aim to select Dobermann that will be able to endure the stress of training, as well as to demonstrate a strong and positive attachment to work together with its handler.

The trial regulation includes four steps:

1) "Schutzhund Award" is for the Doberman that competes in many Schutzhund trials, independently if they are ADA trials or of other organizations. Each trial earns some points, and at the end of the year, the Dobermann that has the highest total points will become the winner of this Schutzhund Award.

2) We will reward handler, owner, and trainer that have achieved the SchH3 with the "SchH 3 Sport Award." The list of those rewards will be published regularly on the official magazine of ADA, the "Dobermann Friends."

3) Another very stimulating title is the "American Working Champion", which will be given to the Dobermann that has obtained 2 CACT certificates, given during official or ADA recognized trials. See the rules in details in the proper section.

4) The most prestigious program of our organization is the "American Dobermann Winner Cup" National Meistershaft. This event is scheduled yearly usually the second weekend in October. According to the Schutzhund rules, this competition will award three prizes to the best Dobermann in each class with the following titles:

  • Youth Leistung Sieger for SchH 1
  • Promise Leistung Sieger for SchH 2
  • Leistung Sieger Winner for SchH 3

There are clear ideas on the technical program to accomplish, but they are not helpful if they remain on paper, that's why everyone is invited and welcome to participate in such program. The result of this project depends on the faith and commitment that each member will demonstrate.

We can summarize our driven inspiration as the "3 Ts" scheme of Teaching, Training, and Testing.
TEACHING: Teaching refers to the knowledge that we will gather from seminars, specialized articles, comments of judges and other experts that will be present at our national events.

TRAINING: Training refers to our national sport activity, which reflects our constant commitment toward a common goal: the quality of our Dobermann. We focus on the functionality of the breed, where "every part of the Dobermann has its reason to be for a specific job that needs to be done." We want to distance ourselves from the distinction between show and working line to come closer to the concept of the Dobermann as utility dog. The functional beauty is the natural expression of the Dobermann's talents and ability to accomplish an outstanding work for its owner.

TESTING: Testing refers to the results of our commitment on the international stage, and to our participation as "Team America" to IDC events, competing both in working trials and conformation shows. The constructive collaboration that we will build together will improve the reputation and respect of our dobermann breed in US.

If we work united with positive attitude and share our diversified experience for the common good of our Dobermann, any undertaking will be possible.
May the blessing of God be always with us!

Roberto Zorzi, FCI International Judge